The collaborative efforts of the Universal Model and TruthSeekers Foundation has organically united them in sharing the message and truthfulness of the scriptures, getting back to the roots of the restoration, and defending the Prophet Joseph Smith through TruthSeekers’ Covenant

What Is The Universal Model?

The purpose of science is to describe and explain Nature so that we can understand and comprehend it, but where do we learn these things simply, in a way that makes sense? For many decades, a number of incorrect theories and misleading philosophies have formed the foundation of ‘modern’ science. Now, newly discovered scientific truths in the Universal Model have revealed long-hidden natural laws that explain Nature’s workings in an easily comprehensible format. We invite all to explore and experience the adventure of learning by investigating new discoveries about the Earth and our Universe found in the UM. These scientific truths establish a New Millennial Science destined to take us through the current millennium to heights of knowledge and discovery never before imagined.

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About Us

TruthSeekers Academy is built on the idea that the ideal education—the best path to learning truth—starts in the home. There are many ways families can adapt to bring back home-centered, principle-based learning, and we hope to be a part of making that happen in your family.

Why Choose UM


You will have a principle-based education.

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Helping your children learn to think for themselves and find truth.


You will be able to adapt the curriculum to your child's needs.


Help them find their passions and build a foundation of truth on which to pursue them.

“Going on the Grand Canyon, Petrified Forest tour trip was truly a highlight in my life. I was able to experience the evidences’ of the Universal Flood first hand with UM editor Russ Barlow and author Dean Sessions of the Universal Model – A New Millennial Science. TruthSeekers Adventures tours are fantastic.”

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